By: Shahab Moghadam

It has often been said that white families have avoided the brunt of the poverty epidemic which has shaken much of the rest of the United States in recent years, but a new report released this week shows that Caucasian households are falling below the poverty line to a largely unprecedented extent, causing many to wonder whether the much-hyped economic recovery from the Great Recession of 2008 is making much of a difference from average Americans who by and large continue to struggle with issues such as underemployment and lower wages.

There is no disputing that corporate America has rebounded quite strongly from the catastrophic days of fall 2008 but Main Streets across the nation continue to face difficulties recovering from those heady days, with some analysts claiming that the Great Recession may well have been not so much another cyclical economic downturn but rather another milestone in the continuing decline of American economic strength in the face of rising competition and increasing globalization.

Whether we here at TPS sure hope that this report is another bump on the rocky but concrete road to recovery, it is surely a point worth being concerned about and one worth watching, as poverty has become a growing yet under-reported problem in America in recent years.

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