Iran Deal Holds Promise, But Hostages Still in Limbo


By. Thomas Lodico

As the Obama Administration, the United States and the rest of the world seem to welcome the idea that a country like Iran would agree to a nuclear deal, many continue to wonder about the hostages in Iranian prisons. The 4 captive Americans still have no chance of relief and the Obama Administration is facing harsh criticism on the deal and the release of the hostages.


On Wednesday, President Obama was asked by a reporter about how to deal with the nuclear deal as well as the hostage situation. The President replied that he was by no means content that these hostages were being detained while the deals were being made, but also stated that he would not make the mistake of putting the whole deal and the freedom of the hostages in peril by including them in the deal.


President Obama has his work cut out for him with the Iran nuclear deal and the 4 American hostages in Iranian prisons. He cannot let party politics dominate the importance of this deal with Iran but must also work at some other point in time to deal with the hostage issue. The Obama administration has done the unthinkable by stopping a possible war with Iran and must now focus solely on the task at hand, which is to get the deal past a Republican controlled Congress. Despite the fact that the lives of the Americans being detained in Iran are as of great importance, dealing with Iran is not a simple task and the hostage negotiations will unfortunately have to come at a different time.

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