Democrats Slowly Step Up

By: Danielle Apfel

It is long known that Hilary Clinton dominates the left in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. As of now, Clinton is the only Democrat who has publicly announced and started her campaign for the next election. Her competition across the isle is made up of a vast array of Republicans, from the more liberal right-wing, to the much more conservative right-wing.


Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio make up the better-known Republican candidates, but they are joined by Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Mike Huckabee. With so many declared Republicans already stepping up for the 2016 election, it is surprising that so few Democrats have joined the race.


Bernie Sanders, US Senator in Vermont, has indicated that he will run for president, but has not yet begun his campaign. Sanders is expected to do so this Tuesday, with an announcement speech in his home state of Vermont. With this speech, Sanders will join Hilary in the race for the Democratic bid for 2016.


Despite the limited competition, few other Democrats have shown an expressive interest in running. Former US Senator Jim Webb and Former Governor Lincoln Chafee have formed exploratory committees, but neither has indicated the progression of their interests.


It is expected that Former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, will announce his entrance into the race this week. Likely, he will do so from Baltimore, the city he once governed. However, O’Malley’s decision to run does not add a significant amount of weight to balance the Democratic side of the Presidential race.


While there are more than a few possible Democratic candidates, such as current Vice President Joe Biden, not many have stepped up to do battle with Clinton, Sanders, and now O’Malley.


The Republicans have a tough road ahead of them, with the need to weed out more potential presidential candidates before selecting the one to take the Republican bid. However, while the right side of the isle works to narrow down their options, the left may have just as much of a struggle deciding between so few candidates.


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