ron paul

1.       I have been interested in politics and economics since I was a young man.  My interest increased in college and medical school as I read writings by Austrian economists–particularly Ludwig von Mises–and saw the folly of government intervention into the economy. I ran for Congress because of my concern that the federal government had grossly expanded into areas where it has no legitimate role and thereby threatens our constitutional liberties. After careful reflection, I decided I could most effectively impact national policy by running for Congress.

2.       Two achievements of which I am proud are blocking the implementation of a “unique health identifier” and playing an instrumental role in protecting American citizens from the International Criminal Court. My proudest achievement is leading the effort to make the Federal Reserve and monetary policy subjects of serious debate in Congress.

3.       A defining moment of my time in the House of Representatives was when a majority of the House members cosponsored HR 1207, a bill I introduced that would take the first steps toward serious monetary reform by opening the Federal Reserve’s books.

4.       I would be happy if, after I leave Congress, it can be said that I demonstrated that one can be successful in politics without compromising one’s commitment to individual liberty, sound money, constitutional government, and peace, and that I helped educate and mobilize numerous Americans to be involved in the freedom movement.

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