By: Shahab Moghadam

In the late 1970s, U.S. President Jimmy Carter called on Americans to adopt cleaner and more sustainable energy practices in order to prevent further instability in gas prices as well as to avoid the environmental damage which oil and gas causes. Carter’s call was ridiculed at the time as the rantings of an extreme liberal, but today with President Obama and much of the nation he leads united behind a clean energy agenda, private industry is fast catching on to the immense promise of the energy revolution taking place in America’s streets and homes today.

No one company has done more to benefit from the clean energy revolution than Tesla, the brainchild of innovator Elon Musk, which has gone in just a few years from being a far-fetched idea to an in-demand automotive brand with the highest of reviews and the most respected of images.
With its stock price soaring even higher than its product’s demand and its charging stations popping up by the dozens along America’s highways, the future seems most promising for Tesla Motors and it is up to us as American consumers to make sure this most American of brands continues to innovate in a meaningful way.

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